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How to replace zinc plates on a 2023 StarCraft Pontoon?

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To replace the zinc anodes on your 2023 StarCraft Pontoon, you'll want to consider a few things about the water conditions where you primarily operate the boat, as well as ensuring you purchase the correct anodes that fit your specific boat model.

  1. Water Type:

    • If you're boating mostly in freshwater, you should consider switching from zinc to magnesium anodes for better protection.
    • For saltwater or brackish environments, aluminum anodes are a better choice than zinc as they provide more effective protection.

  2. Identify the Anodes:

    • Check your boat to identify all the locations where anodes are mounted. On a tritoon, these will typically be on each of the pontoons and possibly on the outboard motor(s) if equipped.

  3. Choose the Correct Size and Shape:

    • Make sure to get the correct size and shape to match the existing anodes. This might require removing one of the anodes and measuring before purchasing new ones, or checking the boat's manual for specifications.

  4. Purchase:

  5. Installation:

    • To replace the anodes, you will need basic tools like a wrench or a socket set. Remove the old anodes by unscrewing them, clean the area where they were mounted to ensure good contact, and then screw in the new anodes tightly.

Regularly inspecting and replacing the anodes when they are about 50% worn is crucial to protect your boat from corrosion effectively. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, consider hiring a professional from a local marina to assist you.

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