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Replace Zinc Anode on a Johnson 90hp Outboard Motor

90hp anode johnson zinc

Bolting a zinc anode onto a Johnson 90hp outboard motor is a relatively simple task. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Selecting a compatible zinc anode for your Johnson 90hp outboard motor is crucial to ensure proper protection against galvanic corrosion. Consult the owner's manual or manufacturer, and choose a high-quality zinc anode from Zincs for Boats to ensure maximum protection for your boat.

Materials needed:

  • Zinc anode
  • Socket wrench
  • Thread locking compound
  • Marine grease


First, identify the location where the zinc anode needs to be bolted onto the outboard motor. Usually, zinc anodes are bolted onto the lower unit of the outboard motor.

Locate the bolt holes on the lower unit. There should be one or two bolt holes on the side of the lower unit, near the water line.

Insert the zinc anode into the bolt holes. Make sure the anode is flush against the lower unit.

Apply a small amount of marine grease to the bolts, threads, and washer to prevent corrosion and ensure a tight seal.

Insert the bolts through the anode and tighten them by hand.

Using a socket wrench, tighten the bolts securely but not too tightly. Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts, as this can damage the threads or strip the bolt heads.

Once the bolts are tightened, apply a small amount of thread locking compound to the threads of the bolts to prevent them from loosening over time.

Finally, wipe away any excess marine grease or thread locking compound with a clean cloth.

That's it! Your zinc anode is now bolted onto your 2003 Johnson 90hp outboard motor. Remember to inspect the anode periodically and replace it when it's worn down to about half its original size.

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