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Trailer Mounted Boat Lift BLT4 Brownell

Trailer Mounted Boat Lift BLT4 Brownell


The Trailer Mounted Boat Lift BLT4 from Brownell represents a pinnacle in marine equipment, specifically designed for boat owners seeking a reliable, safe, and efficient solution for lifting their boats directly from the trailer. This product not only underscores Brownell’s commitment to innovation but also emphasizes safety and functionality in boat maintenance. Below is a revised overview that incorporates your specified details:

Product Overview:

Secure and Efficient Lifting: The BLT4 is ingeniously engineered to attach firmly to your trailer frame, offering a secure method to lift your boat up to 10,000 pounds. This capability is pivotal for performing essential maintenance such as cleaning or painting the bottom of your boat while it remains on the trailer.

Versatile Size Options: Understanding that trailers come in various dimensions, Brownell offers the BLT4 in two sizes to accommodate different frame sizes:

  • BLT4 for Regular Frames: Suitable for frames measuring 2" – 3” in width and 4.5" – 5.75” in height.
  • BLT4XL for Larger Frames: Designed for frames 3" – 4.625” wide and up to 10” high. This range ensures that you can select the perfect fit for your trailer, enhancing both safety and effectiveness.

Manufactured in the USA: Proudly made in the United States, the BLT4 reflects the highest standards of quality and durability that Brownell has been known for, for over 50 years.

Exceptional Quality and Reliability: The BLT4 is celebrated in Boating Magazine as one of "Boating's Best Gear of All Time," a testament to its innovative design and functionality. It stands as a benchmark for reliability in the boating world, underscoring Brownell’s unparalleled:

  • Track Record: With more than 50 years without a failure, Brownell’s dedication to excellence is unmatched.
  • American Craftsmanship: This product is 100% made in America, ensuring it meets rigorous quality standards.
  • Stringent Quality Inspection: Each boat stand, including the BLT4 and BLT4XL, undergoes a rigid quality inspection process to guarantee its performance and your satisfaction.

Important Considerations: Please note, boat stand orders, including the BLT4 series, do not qualify for free shipping. For an accurate shipping quote tailored to your specific needs, contact Brownell directly at 774-328-9232. This direct line to personalized service ensures that you receive comprehensive support and information specific to your purchase.

By choosing Brownell’s BLT4 or BLT4XL, you are selecting a product that not only meets the highest standards of safety and functionality but also supports American manufacturing. Whether you need to perform routine maintenance or prepare your vessel for its next voyage, the BLT4 series stands ready to assist you in keeping your boat in pristine condition.

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