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Zincs for Boats

What anodes are needed for 1995 Evinrude 150 HP?

For your 1995 Evinrude 150 HP, the choice of anodes will depend on the water conditions in which you operate your boat. Here’s a guide based on the water type.

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How to replace zinc plates on a 2023 StarCraft Pontoon?

pontoon starcraft

To replace the zinc anodes on your 2023 StarCraft Pontoon, you'll want to consider a few things about the water conditions where you primarily operate the boat, as well as ensuring you purchase the correct anodes that fit your specific boat model.

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What is the best anode for Twin 200 Yamaha, left vs right?


For Twin 200 Yamaha outboards, the choice of anodes primarily depends on the type of water you'll be operating in, rather than the positioning of the outboards (left vs right). We do have individual anodes and kits that are available.

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What is the best anode for a Bravo 3 outdrive?

anode Bravo 3 mercruiser

Depending on the type of water in which you are boating, you should choose the material of the anodes accordingly: Freshwater: Magnesium, Saltwater: Aluminum, Brackish water: Aluminum

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What zincs go on 2005 Formula 34 PC with inboard 496 Mercruiser motors with 420 HP?

2005 Formula 34 PC

For a 2005 Formula 34PC with inboard 496 Mercruiser motors, you'll typically need a variety of Mercruiser zinc anodes to protect different parts of the boat and engines from corrosion. Here's a general list of zincs you might need:

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