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What is the best anode for Twin 200 Yamaha, left vs right?


For Twin 200 Yamaha outboards, the choice of anodes primarily depends on the type of water you'll be operating in, rather than the positioning of the outboards (left vs right). We do have individual anodes and kits that are available.

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  1. Freshwater: If you are operating primarily in freshwater, magnesium anodes are the best choice. Magnesium provides superior protection in freshwater but corrodes too quickly in saltwater or even brackish conditions.

  2. Saltwater: In saltwater, aluminum anodes are recommended. Aluminum anodes provide better protection than zinc in saltwater and are also lighter and less polluting. They are effective in all water types but are particularly suited for saltwater because of their durability and efficiency.

  3. Brackish Water: For brackish water, aluminum anodes again are typically the best option. They offer good protection and are more versatile compared to zinc.

Regarding the left vs right placement of zincs, there is generally no difference in the type of anode you would use based on the side of the boat on which the outboard is mounted. The important factors are the material composition of the anodes based on the water type and ensuring that they are installed correctly on each engine to provide proper protection against galvanic corrosion.

Ensure that your anodes are regularly inspected and replaced when they have deteriorated significantly (usually when they are about 50% consumed) to maintain effective protection.

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