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Brownell K4V Keel Stand

Brownell K4V Keel Stand

$ 164.30

The Brownell K4V Keel Stand is an essential support device designed for maritime maintenance and storage, embodying the hallmark of durability and reliability that professionals in the marine industry have come to expect. Here's an overview incorporating the specifics you provided:

Support Capacity: Engineered to handle a significant load, the Brownell K4V boasts a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 20,000 lbs (9,100 kgs), making it suitable for a wide range of vessels, from lightweight boats to heavier craft.

Adjustable Height for Versatility: Flexibility is at the core of the K4V, with an adjustable height range from 16 inches to 24 inches (41 cm - 61 cm). This feature ensures that it can comfortably accommodate various boat sizes and shapes, offering optimal support and balance.

Compact and Manageable Weight: Despite its robust load capacity, the stand itself is relatively lightweight at 25 lbs (11.3 kgs), facilitating ease of handling and repositioning as required during use.

Design for Safe, Low-to-Ground Storage: The design ethos behind the K4V is to allow for safe storage that keeps boats close to the ground, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage.

Reputation and Reliability: Acknowledged in Boating Magazine as one of "Boating’s Best Gear of All Time," the Brownell K4V is celebrated for its excellence and reliability in the marine world.

Unmatched Heritage and Quality: With over 50 years of operation without a single failure, Brownell Boat Stands offer an unmatched testament to product reliability. This remarkable track record is a reflection of the company’s rigid quality inspection and commitment to excellence.

Proudly American: Emphasizing its commitment to quality and community, the K4V is 100% manufactured in the USA. This not only ensures a stringent adherence to production standards but also supports local craftsmanship and industry.

Please Note: Boat stand orders, including the K4V, do not qualify for free shipping. For a personalized shipping quote, potential buyers are encouraged to contact directly at 774-328-9232. This approach ensures that each customer receives accurate information tailored to their specific location and order details.

In choosing the Brownell K4V Keel Stand, marine professionals and enthusiasts alike can trust in a product that combines tradition with innovation, all while ensuring the utmost in boat safety and support.

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